Product Specs

Braking: Dual Disc Brakes

Motor: 48V/800W

Maximum Speed: 25mph

Maximum Range: 30 miles

Maximum Load: 330lbs

Climbing Slope: 200

Battery: Samsung: 48V/20AH



The Adventure for the person with a little excitement in their veins. With a stronger motor, longer range battery and plenty of zip it’s ideal for the urban commuter and weekend warrior. This Beast will be dependable for the workday as well as fun and thrills on the weekend.


Whether you’re just enjoying that last mile from the metro to work, or the bus to class, or tearing through the hills for your weekend thrills, this sturdy do-it-all mobility machine will make sure you get to wherever you need to go, no matter what conditions.


The Adventure is your trailblazing companion—boasting 10” vacuum tires, a 20-degree climbing slope, and an 80MM super shock spring with a 300lb weight bearing capacity—all in a super light-weight all-aluminum frame.

Relax & Recharge

Wherever you’re headed, we want you to relax, enjoy the ride & live your life fully charged. That’s why we’ve designed The Adventure with a rear-only state-of-the-art 48V/800W motor, a max speed of 28 mph, an impressive 30-mile charge making it our most adventurous and capable product in this price range. The Adventure still retains our industry-leading, sky-high safety standards, plus a waterproof grade of IP55, meaning a little rain is no big deal.


High Quality Braking

We feature only the highest quality, top-of-the-line braking system on each and every one of our products to ensure maximum performance and safety for our rider.

State-of-the-Art Motor Systems

Our products boast the most precise and impressive motor system available—defining peak performance and providing the extra punch needed to power our riders anywhere they want to go.

Sleek Design

An industrial design incorporating the smooth, seamless lines of modern art with the materials and pantones of contemporary culture carries our riders where they want to be in style.

Longer Battery Life

We strategically selected the longest lasting batteries on the market to match the safety and longevity of everything else about our products. Because the key criterion of pursuing our passion to provide the world the freedom of movement is responsibility.

Limited time offer!

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